Why do feet smell ?

Foot odor occurs when there exists disturbance of any function of the sweat and sebaceous glands, resulting in pH changes of the skin – from acid to alkaline. When РН>7 – the sweat structure changes, regime of sweating and its smell becomes sharper.


What is included in the composition of the gel?

* Hood of the essential oils of pine and tripartite thyme (Nonadecane-0,2679g., Benzoyl acido 2.4 bic-0,7909g., Acetic acido chlorodytlor etulester - 0,2291 g.),

* Pytocomplex from the pomace of leaves and stems of tripartite thyme (vitamin - Е, glycocides),

* Phytosomy extracts of pine needles and flowers of tripartite thyme,

* Conductor of active substances – ethyl alcohol,

* Silicon-rich mountain water, of natural purification.

* Additional ingredients before obtaining 25g. of the gel.


By what system does the tonic

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work ?

The composition of the gel works on the principle of detoxification - restores fluid and electrolyte balance, there goes activation of metabolism and cell renewal. Normalizes the acid-alkaline environment on the skin surface, allowing thus fungi and bacteria not to multiply, but die. In complex conjunction with the plant extracts, they work synergistically, as in the ensemble. In addition, there is noted a positive impact of the use of the gel on emotional state of a human being: normalization of sleep, stress relief and fatigue of the legs, alleviating the stress state.

Pine Tripartite thyme
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