"Centre of New Technologies" NGO

“Centre of New Technologies” OJSC was founded in 1998. It was established by the group of scientists of “INSI-STC” CJSC, studying properties of medicinal plants, composition of flora and fauna in past and present, as well as conducting study of rocks and springs of Armenia.  Centre’s staff consists of chemists, microbiologists, physicists, as well as consulting doctors and pharmacists.


The Centre has made innovative scientific discoveries in medicine, cosmetics and alcoholic industry. Discoveries are patented in Armenia and Russia. 


Production of “INSI” innovative extracts is divided into several stages and the fundamental role in it is carried out by the Centre’s experts. Namely their control under the collection, storage and processing of medicinal plants ensuring the high effectiveness of final products. 


The staff is highly qualified and actively participates in international forums and congresses – share its extensive experience and challenge his views on science. It’s not the first year that the Centre’s specialists organize lectures in higher education institutes, entitled “Nature and Health”, aimed at sharing background knowledge for conducting healthy lifestyle.