Director's Speech

Nowadays “INSI-NTK” CJSC is the only cosmeceutical company in the Republic of Armenia, applying in production innovative developments of Armenian scientists of the “Centre of New Technologies”. Our team clearly sees and understands its goals and bravely moves forward, sparing no efforts for it.  

 As a result of enormous work, “INSI-NTK” products have entered the market under the trademark “INSI”. “INSI” brand includes several directions in cosmeceutical and prophylactic fields, having no analogs by their mechanisms of action. “INSI” products contain essential oils, phytoncides and bioflavonoids of wild herbs of ecologically clean zones of Lori highland. Wild collection of herbs is conducted according to requirements Fair Wild standard and the innovative process of storage, processing and plant extraction make the products highly effective and useful for health.  

“INSI” products passed through all stages of testing and certification in Armenia, some of them in Russian Federation and Ukraine. Due to highly effective and healing compositions, “INSI” has its rightful place in pharmacy chains, where strict control is being conducted over the quality of the products offered.      

In 2011 “INSI-NTK” was nominated for “European Business Awards 2011” as the most innovative business in cosmetics industry, promoting innovation and business ethics in the European business community. Honor and praise to our scientific potential ! 

The company is a member of the Employer’s Union of Armenia, Chamber of Commerce and the Armenian Development Agency. 

We are open for new ideas and collaboration!

Desire to give people beauty, health, sense of confidence in the future – what can be better! 

Zara G. Andriasyan